Monday, 30 January 2012

Skin like a baby...

. . . is not what my baby has. He has more skin like a snake, which is causing more stress in my life than it should. Sweet baby Ma$e has excema, and I am on the never ending quest for the cure (which there is none apparently). Our doctor has prescribed hydrocortisone cream several times. For those who don't know, hydrocortisone over time thins the skin, and thin skin is more likely to get melanoma. Due to the fact that right now his face is the primary area of concern, I am very hesitant to use this. Who would want to increase the chances of skin cancer in a place that is already so susceptible? Not this mama.
I am trying to deduce what the cause of this skin irritation is instead of masking the issue, so have decided to have an all natural week with his skin. When I say all natural I mean from the earth, not leaving it alone, cause I am too anal to do that. I am using shea butter as an all over moisturizer and an all natural baby balm that I picked up at Planet Botanix on Bank st. I am also using calendula oil when he is super dry (which he is right now). I am seeing some very small improvements, and speaking to a midwife today was told to try apple cider vinegar (1/10 mixed with water) as a wash to try and neutralize the acidity in the skin. Keep posted for results.

Friday, 27 January 2012

The beginning

I have been contemplating writing a book, blog, or story for a long while now. I have so much to say and often times the only one listening is Mason. It wouldn't be so bad except he's 6 and a half months, and is only half listening. The other half is planning his next maneuver. He's a pretty independent little dude, and everyday I have the sad realization that he is only going to get more independent and move further away from me, literally and figuratively. I do not intend for this blog to be a rant page (and I apologize in advance for when it does), but more as a place for me to out into words what is currently just floating around in my head. I hope my insanity will help even one person feel a little more sane about being a parent.